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In Search of America  with

As advertising rapidly evolves, transforming to meet the opportunity and needs of emerging digital media, it's easy to forget how effective good old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing can be.


But it is still the most powerful form of advertising. That's why, during the summer of 2018, David and Tom went on a month-long road trip with The Cheesecake Factory in search of great American success stories.


Traveling across the country, they met carpenters and painters, circus performers and micro-brewers, magicians and farmers — individuals who embodied the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to craft that first inspired David M. Overton to found The Cheesecake Factory in 1972.


In over 16 cities, from St. Louis to Salt Lake, Des Moines to Denver, New York to Los Angeles, David and Tom shared the remarkable stories of these talented individuals in a series of interviews and short videos, part of a viral marketing campaign shared to social media. 

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