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Helping A Small Business Grow

The ICAN Bucket and The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

     More than just storage with style, the ICAN Bucket has been community-oriented from the very beginning. And when founder Jorge Carrasco decided it was time for his San Jose company to grow, he reached out to Cambridge Place Media. 


     With David and Tom's help, Jorge captured ICAN's story and crafted it into a short video, sharing his small business' journey and mission with the same Bay Area community that fostered ICAN from the very start for the 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

      In tandem with the video, Cambridge Place Media helped redesign ICAN's website and manage the local company's social media presence to further engage community members and customers in ICAN's work as part of a larger campaign run over the course of the FedEx Grant Contest. 

     David and Tom are proud to have worked with Jorge, Vinny, Mark, and the rest of the ICAN Bucket team in helping make their small business' incredible work known and invite you to check out ICAN Buckets at

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